Prior to 2007, a construction project was completed in the front yard. In the area between the house and Live oak, irrigation trenches were cut around the tree and six inches of soil was added along with plants.  Due to the construction, the tree went through a period of decline. Many trees go through this period of decline after construction jobs because of the damage to the root system caused by the large amount of traffic of machines and humans. This traffic causes a great deal of compaction to the soil, which in turn compacts the roots. 

The picture to the left shows the when treatment first began. As you can see, the tree was in extremely poor condition with a large amount of die back. Die back is the result of the tree undergoing any significant amount of stress, leaving a mostly barren top, with more life closer to the trunk.


After a year of treatment, there was already a significant amount of regrowth. We continued treating this tree for the next 8 years. Looking below you can see the drastic change from 2007 to 2016

Spring of 2008
Summer of 2010
Summer of 2016