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Over 60% of the world’s population lives in urban areas. An overwhelming portion of the research literature on trees in urban areas, indicates that trees provide many benefits to the urban community. Trees endure ongoing stress from urban conditions and are constantly adapting to the environment around them. Many times, urban trees are impacted from construction and urban development. Impacts of trees on construction sites may include changes in soil moisture (excess saturation or drought conditions), root injury or loss, soil compaction, canopy and trunk damage and simple neglect. It is common practice that construction projects contain a tree preservation plan. This is sometimes required and specified by municipalities, the landowners or done voluntarily. Fulgham’s Inc routinely acts as a mediator between developers and tree boards to promote tree preservation during construction. Our common objectives include prioritizes trees for preservation, determining the boundaries of tree protection zones, specifying fence and mulch types based on site factors, monitoring, and recommending health care plans for the construction process and post-construction needs.