Our Mission as a service provider is to; “Save our urban forest one tree at a time”


Fulgham’s Inc. is an Urban Forestry Consulting firm that employs arborist, urban foresters and registered foresters.  The company was established in 1988 and provided service locally in Tupelo, MS.  Over the years we have branched out throughout the southeastern US.  In 2021, our team worked on urban forestry projects in ten states.  Our projects include ground penetrating radar studies, environmental studies, construction site management of trees, GIS mapping & inventories, risk mitigation, litigation support and plant health care.


Urban Forestry Management Services – Supporting Cities, colleges, and private parties.


  1. Consulting
  • Radar imaging for non-invasive assessment of tree and root health. The Tree Radar Unit (TRU) portable radar imaging system creates accurate non-invasive images of the internal trunk and subsurface structural root mass.
  • Tree risk assessments for subjectively quantifying the likelihood of failure and consequence of failure of trees in question.
  • Plant appraisals for pre-purchase valuation, construction bonds, insurance claims, court cases.
  • Litigation support involving trees.
  • GIS mapping / tree inventories. Tree inventories include mapping and data collection for the purpose of measuring and analyzing the urban forest for management needs.  Tree inventories are typically conducted for cities, universities, military bases, golf courses and estates.
  • Plant health studies including air excavation of soil for root studies.
  • Urban forestry management plans.
  • Arboretum establishment.
  1. Community development
  • Urban forestry grant writing and assistance for municipalities and non-profit groups.
  • Education.
  • Tree city USA applications and setup.
  • Assistance with city tree ordinance creation.
  1. Preservation services
  • Construction site management.
  • Soil injections for site modification.
  • Disease management through means of increasing plant vigor and suppression through chemical treatment. Our company utilizes methods of soil injection, trunk injection along with traditional spray and fog treatments on high value plant material.