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Fulgham’s Inc.  is a tree preservation service provider. Clients who have newly transplanted trees, trees in decline, and trees suffering from construction damage utilize our services. Our focus is on root restoration by correcting soil problems created by the urban environment. Our deep-rooted heritage in agriculture gives us a different outlook on root systems and soils. Our sole focus is preservation through addressing soil, root, and disease issues using our unique, patented treatment. We do not provide pruning services, as there are many national and state certified professionals who specialize in pruning and removal.

Fulgham’s Inc.’s ISA Certified Arborists specialize in:

  • new plant establishment
  • mature tree restoration;
  • urban soil decline remediation;
  • construction damage remediation;
  • disease management; and
  • tree preservation consultation.

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Here at Fulgham’s Inc., our tree preservation specialists enhance the quality of our industry by blending agronomic science with our precision based technology to provide a quality tree preservation service to our clientele.  Urban tree decline is experienced by many, and our industry has been restricted to offering higher prices derived from older, less effective technologies.  As industry pioneers for the last 20 years, Fulgham’s Inc. lead owner/founder, Robert Fulgham, has refined the FAST (Fulgham Aerator Stimulator Technology) process to the point of receiving a U.S. patent.  Fulgham’s FAST process enables us to provide tree preservation service clientele an industry low price while providing industry leading precision and speed.  Call your local Fulgham’s Inc. representative today to discuss how we can enhance the health of your landscape plants.  

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