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Jim Ford’s trees were devastated by the towering storm surges of Katrina along with the salt water that saturated the soil. Between these two detrimental components of the hurricane, the trees were left near the point of no return, but were saved by our treatment and care.

Testimonial from Mr. Ford: “We have engaged the services of Fulgham tree feed services since the devastating destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Our priceless live oak trees, especially the huge majestic live oak in our front yard was starting to die. Then having to rebuild our new house off the ground, this smothered many of the live oak feeder roots from the cement foundation. Our old house that was destroyed was raised off the ground on foundation piers alone which allowed for feeder roots to receive air. Fulgham came out and started feeding the roots with their unique system and have restored our 100 year plus old live oak tree to good health. Each year the tree gets fuller, bigger leaves and for the first time in over 30 years that we have lived here the tree is producing acorns. Thank you Fulgham’s. We would recommend this service to anyone who have valuable trees to keep them healthy.”


March 2009                                                                    August 2010











March 2009                                                                      August 2010


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