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Bob Fulgham
Phone:  (662) 269-2414
Email:   bob@nationaltreepreservation.com

David Fulgham
President, Research and Development
Phone:  (662) 255-5127

Email:   david@fulghamsinc.com

Bradley Bishop
Operations Supervisor
Phone: (662) 397-7542
Email: bishopbl@fulghamsinc.com

Liddi Pate
Office Administrator/Marketing Development
Phone:  (662) 269-2414

Email:   liddi.pate@fulghamsinc.com

Matt Copley
North Mississippi/Memphis Regional Manager
Phone:  (662) 231-6149
Email:   mattcopley@fulghamsinc.com

Joseph Ring
Central Mississippi Regional Coordinator
Phone: (601) 376-8095
Email: joseph.ring@fulghamsinc.com

Ben Kahlmus
Gulf Coast Regional Manager
Phone:  (228) 264-0277
Email:   ben.k@fulghamsinc.com

David Ohlrich
AL, Middle and East TN Regional Manager
Phone:  (615) 979-3910
Email:   david.ohlrich@fulghamsinc.com

David Fulgham
Western Regional Manager
Phone:  (662) 255-5127
Email:  david@fulghamsinc.com

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