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Preservation is in our roots.

Fulgham’s Inc. (FI) and our licensing company; National Tree Preservation, Inc. (NTP) specializes in root and soil restoration of mature high value trees through the use of our patented process.  FI’s patented process and technology is currently recommended in many situations by the Mississippi Forestry Commission and the Mississippi State Extension Service.  FI and NTP currently have restoration projects in ten states spanning from Texas to South Carolina.  Our clients include high profile sporting facilities, colleges, cities, and many landowners.


Desirable Employee Traits: The desired traits that Fulgham’s Inc. is looking for include but are not limited to:

  1. Self motivation and self management.
  2. Passion for trees and outdoors
  3. Hard work ethic (this is not a 9-5 job; it is seasonal and sometimes requires long hours.)
  4. Knowledge of mechanical issues and not afraid to learn to fix equipment.
  5. Passion for communicating with clients and developing long term relationships.
  6. Excellent computer skills.
  7. Willingness to travel when necessary.
  8. Excellent grades and positive references from former employers.



Startup salary is based on experience and license. Pay increases will come with the growth of sales revenue in addition of job experience, more knowledge, and more certification within the field of arboriculture.


Please send resumes to David Fulgham at david@fulghamsinc.com  Please call my cell number 662.255.5127 if you have any questions.  I always appreciate your questions and concerns.


Kindest Regards,

David Fulgham

Certified Arborist – ISA #SO-5802A

Fulgham Inc.

P.O. Box 3187

Tupelo, MS 38803


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