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Live Oak Recovery Following Katrina

Fulghams Inc.’s patented technology not only keeps the vigor in trees, but it can also reverse the negative effects that hurricanes cause to the soil.  To say that Hurricane Katrina was a devastating storm is an understatement.  The storms had winds that reached up to 160 MPH and had surge waters that exceeded 25 feet in some areas.  One aspect of the storm that didn’t get much attention is the adverse affect it had on the Live Oak population all along the Gulf Coast.  The 160 MPH gust caused major damage by blowing bark, leafs, and branches off the trees (if they weren’t uprooted).  Another negative effect of the storm was the surge water.  The standing water cut off the oxygen supply to the root system and dumped large quantities of salt into the soil.

Fulghams Inc.’s cutting-edge technology is able to reverse the negative impacts that Hurricane Katrina caused to the soil.  A grid pattern (which is illustrated below) is laid out under the canopy of the tree to maximize its effectiveness of the treatment.  The machine Fulghams Inc. uses does a two-in-one combination with each treatment.  Fulgham’s Inc. uses an aeration/deep root stimulation process to rehabilitate the feeder roots of the tree.  This process helps alleviate soil compaction and re-develop the soil flora found in a forest soil.  The liquid injection that is used in this process is a close kept trade secret and is high in micronutrients that are vital to the tree’s well being.  This liquid injection also helps break down the high salt concentrations left by hurricanes. tree grid

The pictures below show Katrina’s extensive damage to Live Oaks, and a timeline of a tree that Fulgham’s Inc. treated in Town Green Park in Bilox, MS.

coast1coast2coast3 copy

before1    before2   after

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